Thursday, 15 September 2011

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Warren Meyer's Photoshoot

this past Friday i did a shoot with one of the most amazing photographer ever... Warren Meyer

From the first shoot we did together to this one now its amazing how he grew as a tog and how i grew as a model.

Warren has a new HD camera that works its magic on the pics none of his photos that i have are edited.

Truly one of the most greatest photographers on the rise.  It was a privileged and an honor to work with such a great friend and photographer.  See the pics below

 OLD pic From 2009
2010 pic
 NEW 2011 PICS

for more info on WARREN MEYER VISIT

FHM Shoot

I just recently did an FHM shoot.  It was awesome the crew the photographer and the girls.

It was a dream come true ... it didn't hit me 'till now that i was living my dream its was amazing.

Getting the end result is even better it feels like a huge achievement but would love to go for gold i.e more than one page spread.

was mentioned here check it out

will be posting up the photos soon enough when i have received them but in the mean time here's some of what i have achieved